You'll Be Made in the Shade

You'll Be Made in the Shade

Our Twin Cities, MN and surrounding areas crew is available for tree replanting

At Sorenson Tree Service, LLC, we'll do a great job removing dead or dangerous trees from your property. But, after we're finished, what should you do with all that open space?

Why not plant a new tree? Our team can:

  • Recommend the right tree for your space
  • Plant the tree correctly to encourage proper growth
  • Instruct you in the tree's proper care


Call us at (612) 364-3364 to learn more about planting a tree in your yard.


You can expect safe, efficient work

In the years since our founding, Sorenson Tree Service has grown our reputation far beyond the borders of Twin Cities, MN and surrounding areas. We've accomplished this by offering great work and outstanding customer service to all customers within Twin Cities, MN and surround area homes and businesses. You can trust our team to do the job right.

Contact us to get a quote for tree planting at your home or business.